The Service

We don’t provide an out of the box, rinse repeat service. We create a custom engagement process unique to your organization, your goals, and considered of the context you operate. Whether it be a time-limited program that results in service transformation, or a program for your organization to enhance service for your clients, GC gets you there through a process tailored to you.

Some organizations arrive with a program team and we round out where our capabilities add value. Some organizations want full end-to-end service. Some projects are short and time-limited, while some are multi-phase, multi-year. We accommodate any of these scenarios and dive in.


Our service comes together in the form of customized engagement systems - highly tailored processes, learning opportunities, products and tools that are integrated into an interactive and sequenced series of facilitated events.

Taken as a whole, an engagement system is a collection of strategies and methods, guided by clear parameters, assembled together to deliver an experience to achieve a specific aim. By sequencing a series of engagements guided by defined parameters, a rhythm is established, people come together with a clear sense of purpose, momentum is generated, and the nature and pace of creation is aligned and accelerated.

Our custom engagement systems come together through skilled, modular and fluid facilitation to achieve alignment with the people we are seeking to impact. All initiatives are tightly wrapped in an ongoing reflective process to fine-tune, adapt and allow for emergent opportunities as projects unfold. To do this, we take an almost hair-splitting attention to detail and to this end are able to deliver a calm, poised and coherent experience; each engagement building upon the last.

GC is driven to push the boundaries of quality and after almost a decade of field work, we can confidently say we are a highly in-tune group that takes a gracious, fastidious, and disciplined approach to our work.
— GC Founders