The Work

Great collaborations result in great work. Through discovery, design, implementation, to hand-off, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients and their stakeholders to define shared goals, facilitate engagement and demonstrate the behaviours that produce better, more aligned and impactful service. We take on a limited number of projects at one time with clients that understand our value and the approach we take to this work. Being selective means we can give the right clients exactly what they need – our focus and time.

We have curated recent samples of special projects initiated, ongoing or concluded in 2018. Our complete CV can be downloaded here.


Gestalt Collective for the Canadian Public Health Association, A Public Health Approach to Cannabis Project (funded by Health Canada). (2017 - Ongoing)

Consultation design, facilitation, data collection, analysis and reporting of a Pan-Canadian Community Engagement Series, ‘Normalizing Conversation, Not Consumption’, with health and social service providers to assess capacity and inform the development of capacity building tools and resources in response to the legalization of non-medicinal cannabis. Facilitated engagement with the Cannabis Expert Reference Group. 


Gestalt Collective for Community Support Services Niagara, Strategic Planning. (May - June 2018)

Design and facilitation of a custom engagement system, including baseline assessment, pre-session survey, and an in-person working session with Board of Directors and staff to deliver a strategic program to guide Community Support Services Niagara through 2018-2021.


Gestalt Collective for the Alzheimer Society of Canada, The Research Engagement Leadership Program. (2014 - 2018)

Design, implementation and evaluation of an intervention to build the capacity of Alzheimer Society Federation Partners to enhance their approaches to supporting local dementia research and enable clients to make informed decisions about research participation. And, a program of support for dementia researchers, clinicians and Federation Partners to explore how to meaningfully engage persons with dementia and care partners in dementia research and assess current and desired capacities to do so.


Gestalt Collective for Niagara Connects. (2012 - Ongoing)

Design and implementation of a Knowledge Exchange network, Niagara Connects, including knowledge broker staffing, event facilitation, strategic planning and business development support.


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