The Team

GC was founded with a desire to help organizations deepen their connection with the people they serve knowing this approach results in higher quality and more effective programs and services. After nearly a decade working with hundreds of organizations seeking to improve their services, the GC team has demonstrated what truly drives results (not reports) — and it’s not mastering the theoretical flavour of the week. This work doesn't require a PhD or hyper-specialization. Quite the contrary. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

We are passionate about helping organizations in pursuit of progress through engagement. Our team works with you and your stakeholders to form an identity and work together to move ahead with channeled ambition and clear direction.


Elizabeth Lusk

Elizabeth Lusk is a GC co-founder and managing partner who works with our clients to deliver goal-driven customized engagement systems that mobilize action and achieve results. Liz creates programs that engage the gamut of people involved to achieve their goals (often to a greater extent than imagined), all while strengthening relationships amongst and across professional lines.


Megan Harris

Megan Harris is a GC co-founder and managing partner who works with our clients to clarify their goals and articulate opportunities to focus their position and take action. Megan works with groups to identify a common point of view (often generating great momentum), all while creating the conditions for a deeper understanding amongst and across professional lines.


Sarah Webster

Sarah provides knowledge brokering support to our clients facilitating engagement amongst stakeholders by connecting people, cultivating partnerships, and curating resources to create the conditions for improved programs and services.


Jessica Leong

Jessica Leong provides graphic design services to our team by creating information hierarchies and visual assets that elevate the content we create to ensure our communications and products are useful and impactful for our clients.


Laura Baxter

Laura provides knowledge brokering support to our team and clients by sourcing and distilling discovery research, implementing data collection, conducting data analysis as well as supporting content creation and report writing for our projects.

We have learned in the field that progress and push back go together. Our highly skilled team thrives in the space between these edges.
— GC Founders

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